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Milk Delivery Using NFC Tags

The application is mix of web application and mobile application. As the milk is delivered to mobile places we required a device mobile device. After checking many mobile devices and other option available we selected Evolue Android based hand held terminal ( Mobile device). Application is developed in sql server database hosted on a web server. The milk delivery person will carry an android device (Evolute Terminal). The members are registered and given NFC cards.


As soon as the member/delivery person swipes the card the mobile device displays information about the member. Swiping the NFC card the app also provides information about member type, balance amount in account from the sql server. After the member verification the user (Delivery person) enters a species type and quantity of milk to be delivered to the member. The delivery person selects the mode of transaction By Cash / By Coupon / by wallet this transaction is stored in our online database. The delivery person also gets the details about the milk left in the container.

If after a temporary member again a regular member is supplied milk the delivery person is notified for the same. Such transactions are identified by the system so the managers can do such activities easily. Each transaction stored will have a date and time stamp. We can enter multiple users as delivery people and each person will have individual user credentials to access the device.